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Windows Student Lab Software Load

The 301MLH computer lab will house 36 workstations (three of which are at the front of the room, including the "instructor's station") with Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit operating system.

The 117 MLH computer lab consist of 37 workstations (including one instructors station) with Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit operating system.

The table below lists the software in the BASE LOAD (non expiring). Additional software must be requested on a semesterly basis if required by your class.

Software Title Requestor Software Status
Adobe Acrobat Professional N/A Permanent
Firefox N/A Permanent
GhostView N/A Permanent
ICS Viewer N/A Permanent
Identity Finder N/A Permanent
Kompozer HTML Editor N/A Permanent
MS Office N/A Permanent
Nvu N/A Permanent
NX Client N/A Permanent
Pidgin IM Client N/A Permanent
Secure CRT ssh Client N/A Permanent
FileZilla SSH Client N/A Permanent
WSFTP Client N/A Permanent
MikTex/Texnic Center LaTeX Editor N/A Permanent
TeXMaker LaTeX Editor N/A Permanent
Eclipse N/A Permanent
Visual Studio N/A Permanent
Adobe Flash Player N/A Permanent
Quicktime Player N/A Permanent
Java Player N/A Permanent
Mathematica N/A Permanent
Matlab N/A Permanent
Maple N/A Permanent
NetBeans N/A Permanent
R N/A Permanent
Wing IDE 101 N/A Permanent
Wing Pro IDE Cremer By request
Notepad++ Stump Permanent
ActivePython 2.7 with Nympy, Scipy, Python GTK, Motplot, Remix, Echonest Cremer By request
ActivePython 3.3 Herman By request
ARMSim # Ghosh By request
Audacity Neuman By request
Adobe Flash Professional Curto By request
Agda Stump By request
Adobe FlashBuilder Hourcade By request
Android SDK Curto By request
Chrome web broswer Curto By request
Cmake Wyman By request
Coq Stump By request
GraphViz Stump By request
Haskell Stump By request
Java SDK Stump By request
jEdit N/A By request
MySQL Admin Tools N/A By request
Objective Caml Stump By request
Optix, CUDA, OpenGL GLUT Libs & GLEW Extensions Wyman By request, on machies w/ CUDA cards
Pd-extended/Processing Neuman By request
RStudio Tierney By request
Tortoise SVN Stump By request

If you require additional software, please send an email to with the software title and purpose (what class it will be used in). CSG will verify the software can be installed and run as a non privileged user account. The requester will then need to verify functionality of the software title once installed.

Please allow at least 2-4 weeks notice for software installation requests.

CSG plans to reload the windows software lab at the end of each semester. Faculty will need to re-request software not in the base software load on a semesterly basis.

Additions to the base software load will be approved by the DEO in coordination with the CSG Director. We are trying to keep the load from growing to hundreds of gigabytes due to the work required to re-install each semester.

Usage Restrictions...

-Remote desktop (RDP) will not be enabled on the Windows 7 computers in the 301 MLH lab. Students will need to come to the lab to use the equipment.

-The software request process below does not apply to software titles on the regular windows Terminal Servers we've been using in the past for some of this functionality.