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Connecting to a Network Printer from Windows XP





  1. On the Start Menu, select "Printers and Faxes"

  2. Double click "Add Printer"

  3. Click "Next" on the "Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard" screen.

  4. On the "Local or Network Printer" page of the wizard, select "A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer" and click "Next."

  5. On the "Specify a Printer" page of the wizard, select the "Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network:" option.

  6. In the URL field, enter the URL of the printer you'd like to use as specified in the following table:
    Printer Name Printer Location Printer Model (click for driver) Printer URL
    pb1k B1K MLH HP 4014
    pb5 B5 MLH HP 4250
    pb20 B20A MLH HP 4250
    p1g 1G MLH HP 4014
    p25bw 25C MLH HP 4515
    p101bw 101Q MLH HP 4014
    p201bw 201Q MLH HP 4014
    p225 225A MLH HP 4250
    p301 301 MLH HP 4250
    p311 311 MLH HP 4300
    p317 317 MLH HP 3015
    p14e 14E MLH HP 3015
    p350 350 SH HP 4200
    p241bw 241 SH HP 4015x
    p241clr 241clr SH HP 4650
    p346 346 SH HP 4250
    p325 325Q MLH HP 4250
    p14clr 14E MLH HP 4650

  7. Please check the table above to find out which driver to use:
    1. Click on the link in the table and download the driver.
    2. Run the executable to extract the driver.
    3. Click on "Have Disk..." and browse to the location of the extracted driver
    4. Select the driver that matches the model of the printer (usually the first choice listed) and click "OK".

  8. On the "Default Printer" page of the wizard, select "Yes" if you'd like this to be your default printer.  Otherwise, select "No".  Click "Next".


  9. On the "Completing the Add Printer Wizard" page of the wizard, click "Finish".


  1. If you have a model capable of duplex printing (see Printer page) you will need to configure it in the printer properties dialog.
    1. Right click on the newly added printer and choose "Properties"

    2. For the HP 4200, click on the "Device Settings" tab,
      • scroll down to the "Duplex Unit (for 2-Sided Printing)" and set it to "Installed"
      • Set "Printer Memory" to 64MB.

    3. For the HP 4250, click on the "Configure" tab and choose "hp LaserJet DTN" for "Printer Model"

    4. Click "OK"