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Configure Wing IDE 101 for 3.2

Configure WingIDE for Python 3.2

1) Launch Wing IDE 101
Click Start->All Programs->Wing
Screenshot of selecting WingIDE 101 in the Start menu

2) Configure Wing IDE to use Python 3.2
Click on the Edit Menu, then click Configure Python...

Screenshot of selecting Edit-Configure Python...

In the Python Configuration dialog box, where it says "Python Executable", select "Custom"
In the white box that appears under the button, type the following line exactly:

Screenshot of Python executable set to Custom with a value of C:\Python3.2\python.exe

Click OK

Close Wing IDE

3) Restart Wing IDE
Near the bottom, Wing IDE will display what version of Python it is using. Verify that it says Python 3.2

Screenshot of Python Shell showing Python 3.2 as the interpreter